Open-Source Community Challenges Google and OpenAI's Dominance in the AI World

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"Open-source AI community challenges Google and OpenAI's dominance in AI world. Leaked document warns of Google's vulnerability, but open-source model AI is faster, customizable & a serious contender."

Leaked document warns of Google's vulnerability, but OpenAI isn't the main threat. Open-source model AI is faster, More customizable and a serious contender.

A leaked document from an unnamed Google engineer warns that Google could potentially lose the AI race. However, the engineer clarifies that OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, isn't Google's main rival.

According to another senior software engineer at Google, the AI competition is no longer led by Google or OpenAI. They also state that Google's AI models don't have any significant advantage.

The third faction that's taking advantage of the competition between Google and OpenAI is the open-source community, as mentioned by the engineer.

Currently, open-source AI developers have surpassed Google in terms of AI model development. For example, Meta's LLaMA, a large language model available for anyone to develop. 

Open-source AI models are faster, more customizable, and more capable than ChatGPT and Google's Bard chatbot, which aren't available to the public.

Although Google's AI models still have an edge in quality, the gap between them and open-source models is rapidly closing. 

Several websites now have open-source AI models that can create visual works.

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