Safe Exercise Tips During Fasting: Delay or Prior to Breaking Fast?

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Fasting should not be an excuse to avoid exercising. Even while fasting, exercise is still essential for maintaining the health and productivity of the body. However, there are some tips to consider so that exercising during fasting does not become too exhausting and actually increases hunger. Here are some tips from a sports medicine expert.

Firstly, it is important to know ourselves. When fasting, our bodies experience different conditions than usual. Therefore, we need to adjust our exercise routine to our body's condition during fasting. Sports medicine expert, Dr. Caleb Leonardo Halim, SpKO, advises us not to push ourselves too hard and to know our limits when exercising during fasting.

Next, it is important to reduce the intensity of exercise during the first week of fasting. The goal is to help the body adapt first to the new fasting condition. However, it does not mean that we should not exercise with the same intensity as usual. After a week, we can gradually increase the intensity of exercise. This is important to maintain consistency and continue to exercise regularly.

According to Dr. Finna Augustina Suryanto, SpKO from the Indonesian Association of Sports Medicine (PDSKO), the best time to exercise during fasting is one to two hours before breaking fast. The goal is to minimize the risk of dehydration after exercising. After exercising, the body needs to drink water or fluids containing electrolytes to replenish lost fluids.

In addition, it is important to choose the right type of exercise that suits the body's condition during fasting. Do not choose exercises that are too heavy or require a lot of energy. It is better to choose light and non-burdensome exercises.

It is also important to maintain a balanced and quality food intake during fasting. Consuming balanced and nutritious foods will help the body stay healthy and fit during fasting. Make sure to consume foods that contain plenty of fiber, protein, and vitamins that the body needs.

Finally, do not forget to always consult with a doctor or sports medicine expert before starting an exercise program during fasting. By following these tips, we can exercise safely and maintain the health of our body during fasting.

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