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Bing's Daily Users Skyrocket with the Help of ChatGPT

Microsoft has recently announced the latest achievement of its search engine, Bing, which has been integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. 

In an official blog post, Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President and Head of Consumer Marketing at Microsoft, revealed that the AI-based Bing has reached 100 million daily active users.

According to Mehdi, one-third of these daily active users (approximately 33 million) are new Bing users. Mehdi added that this milestone was achieved just one month after the announcement of the new Bing version on February 7.

While Bing's new version still lags behind Google Chrome, which has 1 billion daily active users, Microsoft sees this achievement as validation to offer search, answers, and chat in one platform. Moreover, Maher boasts that Bing users conduct more searches, although he did not reveal specific numbers.

In addition, users come to Bing to chat with the search engine. According to Maher, approximately one-third of people use Bing chat every day, with an average of three chats per session. Bing has reportedly had over 45 million chats since February 7.

Maher said there were two factors that drove users to try and use the AI-integrated Bing version. One of them was Microsoft's aggressive move to encourage Windows users to switch to Microsoft Edge instead of Google Chrome.

In the future, Mehdi stated that Microsoft plans to continue using Microsoft Edge to support AI-based Bing. "We hope new capabilities like Bing search and creation in the Edge sidebar will drive further growth," the Microsoft executive said, as quoted from the Microsoft Bing blog on Monday (3/13/2023).

Another factor driving Bing's growth is the updated core web search ranking. According to Mehdi, the web search ranking of Bing has improved in terms of relevance and quality thanks to the integration of the new OpenAI Prometheus model.

In conclusion, Bing's integration with AI technology has proven to be successful, with 100 million daily active users within just a month. Bing's relevance and quality are also improving, making it a worthy competitor in the search engine market.

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