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How to Use Your Smartphone to Find Hidden Cameras: Beware of Peeping

If you often stay in hotels or try on clothes in clothing stores, you need to be more vigilant, guys! There are irresponsible people who often use advanced technology to do evil deeds. This includes invading privacy that only we should know, such as in public restrooms, changing rooms, or hotel rooms.

Moreover, the production of hidden cameras is increasing, and the prices offered are also becoming more affordable. Although this should make us more vigilant when in public places, it does not mean that we have to be overly anxious.

There are some simple things that we can do to anticipate it, and it only requires a smartphone. However, as a note, this method can only be applied if the hidden camera is equipped with infrared light.

According to The Verge, infrared (IR) light is usually used by cameras when they want to capture movement or take photos in a dim or dark room, and this light cannot be detected by the human eye. However, the sensor on a smartphone camera can detect it.

In some phones, only the front-facing camera can capture IR light. But on some other devices such as the Pixel 6, this feature will work with both the front and back cameras.

Therefore, you need to first ensure how your phone works to find the IR signal. The way to do this is to try it using a TV or other remote.

First, turn on your phone's camera and point it at the remote. Then, turn on the remote and look for a small light, whether it's on or blinking. This may appear as a pinkish-purple color, although some also say it as bluish-purple. If you have tried it with the rear camera and do not see a small light, try it with the front camera.

If you already understand how to use it, what you need to do next to check for hidden cameras equipped with IR is to make the room as dark as possible. The goal is that if there is a camera, the installed IR will be triggered to activate.

Next, you only need to slowly scan the room with your phone. If there is an active camera with IR illumination, you should be able to find it.

Check Your Network to Detect Hidden Cameras

If you're worried about whether there are active cameras in your hotel room and the Infra Red (IR) trick doesn't work (either because there are no cameras or the cameras are not equipped with IR), there is another way to detect hidden cameras. To find active devices in the room, you need to check what is connected to the local network.

How to Use Network Analyzer Apps to Detect Hidden Cameras

There are a number of network analyzer apps out there that can find out which devices are connected to your local network. One that can be tried is Fing. This app is available for Android and iOS.

This app can find and list all the devices on your network. It also lets you confirm which devices are recognized so you can easily find the devices that shouldn't be there.

The above method may not always work, but at least it can be one way to help prevent your privacy from being viewed by unauthorized people. If you're really concerned, buying a radio frequency (RF) detector might be an option. This device will capture any signals that come from hidden microphones or cameras.

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