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List of 6 International Journal Sites that are Frequently Used and Become Student References

The International Journal website is an important reference source for students who are working on academic assignments, especially theses.

Definition of International Journal Site

International journal sites are online platforms that provide access to scientific journals or articles published by researchers, scientists and academics from various countries. This journal site usually contains publications that are scientific, up-to-date, and have high credibility in their field.

Students, researchers, and professionals often use international journal sites to get the latest information and references in their field of study or work. In addition, international journal sites also allow writers and researchers to publish their work online, so that it can be accessed by the wider community.

List of Popular International Journal Sites

Several journals can be accessed online through certain sites, which provide open access. The following is a list of six frequently used international journal sites.

1. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

First is the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), which is a site that contains many directories of journals and scientific articles that can be accessed openly. Since its founding in 2003, the site has amassed 11,000 journals from 127 countries, with more than 4 million articles available.

2. Google Scholar

Second is Google Scholar, which is an international journal site owned by Google company. Here, there are hundreds of scientific journals that can be accessed in various formats, ranging from Indonesian journals to international journals, and various types of scientific works such as theses, journals, and e-books. This site can be accessed free of charge.

3. Microsoft Academic

The third is Microsoft Academic, which provides scientific journal references in two languages, namely Indonesian and English. This site has a search feature that is tailored to user needs, making it easier to search for journals based on keywords, authors, or year of publication.


Fourth is, a site commonly known as a social network for academics to share research results that have been conducted. Here, students and students can find journals from reliable lecturers and researchers. To download the journal, users can log in using a Facebook or Google account.

5.Cambridge Journal

Fifth is the Cambridge Journal, an international journal site that provides access to international journals in various fields of science. How to download journals on this site is very easy, users only need to type keywords into a search engine.

6.Oxford Journal

Finally, there is the Oxford Journal, which is a well-known campus that has been explored by several famous people. This site opens free access for students who want to find international journals. Users can search for any journal from here, including journals made by idol figures.

That's a list of six international journal sites that students often use to find references or additional material. By accessing these sites, it is hoped that it can help users to obtain useful information and support their academic activities.

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