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An Anti Addiction Smartphone Alternative, AcryPhone Might Help You

Smartphones are an inseparable part of everyday life. Especially during a pandemic, where social interaction is limited, the use of smartphones is increasing. However, along with its increasingly frequent use, smartphone addiction is something that cannot be avoided.

Despite efforts to limit its use, people are often tempted to reach for their smartphones. Fortunately, there is now an alternative "smartphone" called AcryPhone that can help overcome user addiction.

Definition of AcryPhone

AcryPhone is an eKod Works product in the form of a smooth piece of acrylic designed like a smartphone without a screen, speaker or tiny LED. Made to fit in the palm of the hand, users can hold the AcryPhone when they want to break away from smartphone addiction.

This product is available in two variants, namely a simple acrylic plate for 3,300 yen (Rp. 384 thousand) or a more realistic version for 3,520 yen (Rp. 410 thousand). The more expensive versions come with a plastic film to protect the screen even though these things don't actually have a screen. AcryPhone is also compatible with smartphone cases of the appropriate size.

Advantages of AcryPhone

One of the strengths of AcryPhone is that it helps overcome smartphone addiction. As an alternative to a real smartphone, AcryPhone can mimic the look and experience of using a smartphone without any features to tempt the user.

This product is designed to fit the size and weight of a smartphone, so it can be held more easily. In addition, this product also looks like a real smartphone, even a camera lens cover can be attached to make it more realistic.

Alternative History of "Smartphone"

Actually, AcryPhone is not a new idea from alternative "smartphone" products. Previously, several similar products have been produced, such as the NoPhone, which is a piece of plastic in the shape of an iPhone, a replacement phone from Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger, and the NoPhone Air, a concept that takes everything around us to replace the function of a smartphone.

However, the AcryPhone is similar in shape and size to an actual smartphone, making it more suitable for overcoming smartphone addiction.

AcryPhone Prices and Specifications

AcryPhone comes in two variants, namely the simpler and more realistic. The simpler variant costs 3,300 yen, while the more realistic variant costs 3,520 yen.

This product is made of smooth acrylic with dimensions of 146mm x 71mm x 8mm, and weighs about 100 grams. Even though it doesn't have a small screen, speaker, and LED, the AcryPhone can be paired with a case and cover.

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