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The 6 Best Free Video Editing Software for PCs and Smartphones

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Whether from a PC or smartphone, there are tons of software to edit and edit your videos.

Discover our selection of the best digital tools to edit your videos, whether professional or personal.

It can be a software download or an app, but all solutions have in common that they are free.

Over the years, video creation has become fundamental, especially for social networks, which are increasingly oriented towards this type of content, largely influenced by the success of Instagram and TikTok.

Being able to edit videos in a simple way, while having great rendering, is something that is very useful, both for your hobby and in your professional life.

The 6 best free video editing software

The market is full of free tools for video editing. But it's not always easy to navigate to find the tool that best suits your needs. That's why we bring you a selection of the six best free video editing software.

1. VivaVideo for beginners

VivaVideo is an application, available for Android and iOS, which has many features that will allow you to have a small video editing studio on your mobile device. Easy to use and very intuitive, this application lets you edit videos, add transitions, filters and choose from more than 200 effects.

It's a very versatile tool, and it's free for most of its functionality. You are only limited to the quality level of video export in the free version. If you work for social media usage, this will be fine.

2. Lightworks for computer work

Lightworks is an English video editor software, downloadable on PC or Mac and completely free. It supports all formats on the market, allows you to trim videos, edit recorded clips by adding various effects, text, stickers… etc. It is recognized by many influencers, but also by small website designers.

This application can help you learn how to edit short films and standard YouTube videos right from your laptop, with complete tutorials. The interface is ergonomic and you can handle it easily.

3. VSDC Free Video Software, a complete tool

If you are looking for a free nonlinear video editor, VSDC is a great choice. Despite its old user interface, which takes some getting used to, this software has all the necessary technical features for quality video editing.

Indeed, with VSDC, you have the possibility to create audio or video clips with effects, recorded in 360°, and even in 4k.

This software allows you to work with layers, to place several objects in one frame, to place one object on top of another, or even to mix colors and fragments using the transparency option...

Finally, it has the specialty of offering a free and easy-to-use screen recording tool.

4. Videopad, easy to handle

This free video editing software is ideal for beginners. One of its main advantages is that it provides educational tutorials, enough to give you the basics of video editing and using the software.

If your need is to be able to edit videos by trimming them, removing camera motion and adding transitions, effects, photos or even music then VideoPad software is for you. To go a step further, it even allows you to edit 3D videos.

5. Blender, open source for pros

Blender is powerful open source software, available on PC, mac, or Linux, that is often used as a replacement for After Effects for modeling and animation, mapping, or even video infographics.

Like other open source software, its interface is not easy to learn for the uninitiated. We regret the lack of help documentation on this tool. On the other hand, the technical functionality is complete and even offers 3D modeling.

6. Pinnacle Video Spin, intuitive

This software is compatible with PC, Mac or Linux , is completely free and offers the basic features of a video editor. We can also compare it with Windows Movie Maker in terms of features. On the other hand, Pinnacle VideoSpin goes a step further and offers a tool that consumes less computer resources.

Apart from that, Pinnacle VideoSpin's interface is very clear and intuitive. Indeed, you'll find a menu consisting of tabs that let you access the import function and build elements.

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