The best app for your new Android smartphone or tablet

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You have just received or given yourself an Android smartphone or tablet and you probably want to take full advantage of it. So it's time to choose the right app to install. Here's a selection of the best Android apps, essential to download to get started.

On the Google Play Store (and its alternatives ), you can find millions of apps of all kinds, some useless and others very handy. Sometimes it can be difficult to find your way through this jungle of content, especially when you buy a new smartphone, when you are offered one, or when you come from another ecosystem such as the Apple iPhone ( iOS ).

The best selection of essential apps for Android

Image source: Android Authority

Here's a selection of the best essential apps to download and install on Android, in addition to essential Facebook and Twitter for some people or Instagram and TikTok for others. Note that if you buy an app from the Google Play Store and it doesn't work, you have two hours to request a refund.

Application For Pictures

Take photos, edit, send... It's not always easy with basic Android apps. Google Photos is indispensable for its ability to back up all your photos while offering some easy editing tools.

But be wary of the Mountain View firm's new policy ending unlimited free storage.

We can't recommend PhotoScan too highly. This app lets you scan your printed photos, from photo albums or under glass frames, to Google Photos. Your family, class or childhood memories are scanned in seconds, cropped and enhanced automatically. It may not be useful every day, but it's always a pleasure to use.

With Snapseed, you will be able to make precise and varied edits. It's really a rich and fun application to use, although Google Photos now includes a lot of interesting editing functions.

Apps For Music

As for music, we highly recommend giving Youtube Music a chance, which is now pre-installed on most Android smartphones. Despite the fact that the service has improved a lot in recent months, you are often offered a subscription of between one and three months with a new smartphone, which is far from negligible.

You'll be able to find available music and covers in YouTube's huge library, and lastly because sometimes you can take advantage of YouTube Premium for a few euros more and it allows you to remove ads from the service.

We should obviously also direct you to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or Deezer. For most music lovers, the choice is likely to be Qobuz or Tidal. Since the choice isn't easy, feel free to consult our ultra-comprehensive file comparing different music streaming services.

Application For Videos

Here are two video players that we can recommend blindfolded and play all video formats, or almost all of them. The first VLC, which is a reference both on computers and on smartphones, while remaining completely free and open source.

XPlayer offers a very pleasant interface - thanks in particular to its very elegant dark theme. The player supports all video formats and can handle 4K content.

It also takes subtitle files into account and has a private folder where you can store your secret videos. XPlayer is available in a Premium version to get rid of ads, but this is very secret in the free version.

Applications for Serials, Films, Anime and for Television

We no longer feature Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or even the essential Disney+.

If your item is more French production or HBO series ( Watchmen, Chernobyl, Westworld, etc.), we recommend the OCS service while myCanal offers a good catalog including Canal creations. For a truly informed choice, we highly recommend reading our comparative file on the various SVoD platforms.

We even made a similar comparison, but dedicated to Japanese anime! You will be able to choose between Anime Digital Network, Crunchyroll, and Wakanim.

Apps For Games

There are tons of great games on Android, and we've written several themed guides to help you choose. We are forced to mention Among Us. This title has been a phenomenal success and well deserved!

Between the giggles and petty backstabbing between friends, the game is incredibly easy to learn, but you could spend hours on it.

If you prefer living an adventure worth experiencing to games from the Zelda series, and more specifically Breath of the Wild, we highly recommend you give Genshin Impact a look and its beautiful graphics. An epic journey awaits!

Still in another style, Pokémon Unite is also an excellent choice for taking on your friends in turn-based team battles. Train your Pokemon, level up and try to win all your matches. Need work!

We offer a great selection of free games on Android if some of these suggestions aren't enough for you. Apart from that, here is a short list of video game apps that deserve a place of choice on your new smartphone.

Finally, you can also consult our suggestions for games that work offline. Starting a new smartphone is always convenient!

Application For Cloud Games

If you like video games and are more of a console or PC gaming fan, you can go for cloud gaming services. There are many of them today.

Which cloud gaming service to choose

Nvidia's Geforce Now or Xbox Game Pass, for example, are especially appealing to smartphone gamers.

Also, with 5G adoption in several countries, cloud gaming has a bright future ahead of it, to the point where we might even wonder if this isn't the best way to enjoy it. the greediest game in the long run.

For a more complete experience, you can even add a compatible controller to your new smartphone.

Apps For Accessibility

Accessibility is an important point to pay attention to when looking at a smartphone. We really have to make sure that everyone can take full advantage of their Android device. There is still a lot of work to be done in this area, but fortunately there are some practical applications.

So Rogervoice and Ava make it possible to display what people with hearing loss can't hear.

Also mention Google Action Blocks, which rearrange smartphone interfaces to make certain elements more accessible so people with motor problems can use their devices with more peace of mind.

To go a step further, our accessibility-focused files present you in detail on apps of this kind.

Application For Reading News

To take your news anywhere, there are many solutions on Android. The Google News app is a safe bet when it comes to information, always checking the quality of the selected media from the source.

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