How to unlock your bank card after 3 wrong codes?

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Have you forgotten your secret code, and now your bank card has been swallowed by an ATM? Here's how to recover your card according to your bank. 

Are you the dizzy type? Maybe you've felt the stress build up in front of the cash machine, when you can't remember your PIN. Because after three wrong combinations, your precious bank card will be blocked or swallowed up by the device. Measures taken to prevent bad people from stealing your savings.

If you've forgotten your secret code or lost your memory, it's best to get your card out of the vending machine before condemning it to a third failed attempt.

Prefer to stop at the second fake code, and contact your bank to recover your secret code via email or SMS, or receive a new one. In some banking companies, you can directly consult your code from your customer area through the application.

How much does it cost to replace a blocked bank card at an ATM?

How to recover your bank card after chaining the wrong number? As shown how to save, the methods and costs differ by banking company:

Make an appointment with your bank within 48 hours to collect your bank card and order a new one for you. If you lose your card at an ATM elsewhere, your bank should fix it. You will then receive the card within a few business days, and the fees may also vary depending on the bank company concerned.

There are banks that give you a fourth chance when you enter three wrong codes. To do this, you need to go to your bank's ATM. Request your organization's secret code and unlock it by dialing the correct number this time. Sending your secret code may incur a fee, either via SMS or via post. If you permanently block your card, you will need to order another one from your bank.

Another step is to go to the branch with your identity documents and your bank details to order a new bank card : you have no other solution. You will receive a new secret code at home and your bank card will be mailed to your bank within eight working days.

The last step is to call your bank at a certain number to receive a new secret code. Maybe you will be charged extra and all you have to do is go to the agent to unlock your card by pressing the right combination. Good luck..

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