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Online Scams: How Can You Remove Your Phone Number from the Web?

The trick to stop showing your phone number on the web. This allows you to avoid online scams.

We may have received a suspicious SMS or phone call that made us think of a scam. And although there are several ways to block these online scams. We are never safe from these scammers. One then wonders how to get rid of once and for all these malicious acts online.

How to recognize online scams?

For some time now, the number of victims of online scams has been on the rise. No doubt, scammers often use well-known company names to deceive their victims. So, they choose the method of sending SMS or phone calls. This time around, most vulnerable people are perfect targets for fraudsters.

You should know that the target of these bad people is your money. Therefore, their main goal is to get your bank details and personal information. As for the approach method, scammers proceed in several ways. But they still manage to fool a lot of people through texts, emails and phone calls.

To avoid falling into their trap, it is therefore important to know how to distinguish a real text message, email or call from a company, especially a service provider. In addition, the company does not send SMS with a link to click if you have problems settling your account.

And even if this happens, the name of the place of business must be entered, not a simple number, by your interlocutor. So, to avoid being scammed, it is always important to check the number of the other person you are talking to.

How to make your phone number disappear from the Web!

There are several software programs that allow you to remove or prevent your phone number from appearing on the web. This might save you from being contacted by fraudsters at the risk of being scammed.

We all know that our personal data is collected somewhere in the archives of some companies where we are registered, such as insurance companies, electricity suppliers, banking institutions. And oftentimes, it is the hackers who compromise this data on the platform. And from there, they try to scam people on their list.

Most commonly, fraudsters target their victims based on their personal information, income, health conditions, knowledge, or political or religious beliefs.

Now, experts have developed Incogni software at the request of the broker. This is to protect customers from online fraud. That said, it was Surfshark who developed the Incogni software. Indeed, the goal is to remove data from the directory at the request of the broker.

Scam: A good way to get rid of it!

By using the Incogni software, you can delete your personal data at the broker. This allows you to avoid scams. But to get there, you have to delete your personal data one by one.

To do this, you have to browse the site to find a broker with your personal information. Once found, you must delete them one by one. And you do this until you no longer see any information about yourself. Includes phone and email contact details.

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