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How to Turn off your Wi-Fi at Night Without Unplugging Your Box?

How to turn off your Wi-Fi at night and save money without unplugging your box?

Sometimes, a small movement is enough to reduce its electricity consumption. If you don't unplug your Internet box every night, you can easily turn off Wi-Fi at night, or for that matter at any other time. Operators offer tools that are relatively easy to configure for this.

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Currently, each carrier can define all the time slots in which Wi-Fi can be disabled. Nothing is simpler, because all you have to do is dive into the parameters of your box.

In Orange, this is done through the Livebox configuration interface (accessible via the URL In the Wi-Fi section, you'll then need to enable "Wi-Fi Scheduler" and select a clock to disable it, on the table representing the 24 hours of the 7 days of the week. Once saved, Wi-Fi will be disabled automatically at the selected time.

The same goes for competition. In SFR, the procedure is identical (via the same URL as Orange). This happens in the Wi-Fi menu then in the "Schedule Wi-Fi" section. The principle is again to choose the time when it should be disabled automatically.

Ditto on Bouygues (connection to by going to the “Time slots” section in the Wi-Fi section.

Finally, Free also offers a special menu in its Web interface (, in the “Local Network/Wi-Fi” settings.

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