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How to Reset iPhone Properly and Safely?

Before selling or giving away an iPhone, it is highly recommended to return it to its original configuration. How to do? We describe the various methods here.

To reset iPhone, click "Restore iPhone" // Source: Apple

The data on your smartphone is very valuable, therefore you should not give it to anyone. You might be tempted to think that it doesn't matter if you leave, for example, your old iPhone to a parent or child, but it's better to do a reset anyway.

Why? To avoid your messages coming twice, your calls ringing on the wrong device, your location on the wrong iPhone, the contacts of both devices getting mixed up, or important apps, like banking apps, not working.

Reset is a mandatory step, so the new owner of the iPhone can use his own account… and you don't have to bother with your old device.

How to reset iPhone?

You'll see, it's very simple, especially since Apple has improved this process significantly in recent years.

1. Disable "Find My iPhone"

This step is more of a matter of caution, as Apple usually forces you to do it in the next step. However, to limit bugs, you should disable the "Find my iPhone" function yourself. If this option is not disabled, the iPhone cannot be erased or configured by its future owner.

Go to Settings, click your name at the very top, then select the Find option. Select Find My iPhone, then turn off the option. The iPhone will ask for your iCloud password to do so. Once done, the iPhone is ready to be reset.

2. Reset your iPhone

Direct from iPhone

To reset your iPhone, the easiest way is to do it directly from your smartphone. In the Settings app, go to the General section. Then scroll down and select the Erase Content and Settings option. Then just do what you're told.

By default, iPhone will offer to back up its content. If you're going to take the contents, do it. If your new iPhone is already set up, you can skip this step.

If the screen looks frozen, don't worry. Sometimes it can take a few minutes for a button to react, because the iPhone is doing multiple tasks at the same time. When the apple image appears, the reset is in progress.

From his computer

Another possibility is to reset your iPhone from the Finder (Mac) or iTunes (PC). Make sure you have turned off Find My iPhone first, otherwise an error message will appear. Once iPhone is connected, just click Restore and wait. This reset takes longer because the computer downloads a large file that was installed from scratch on the iPhone.

This is it, you know everything to reset iPhone. What you have to do.

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