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5 Tips to Have a Good and Quality Instagram Profile Picture

Creating an Instagram profile photo is one of the important components of your account. Because it allows other users to identify you and discover your universe.

With more than millions of monthly users in the world by 2022, Instagram is the 3rd most used social network after Youtube and Facebook.

Worldwide, Instagram has 1.393 billion monthly active users in 2020. A platform that allows you to share your daily life, to share all kinds of tips, but also to post photos.

But how do you get a quality profile photo? 

We tell you everything! Find out how to change the font on Instagram!

1. How to make a good Instagram profile picture?

To highlight your face, choose a portrait mode photo for best results. It is also important to find the ideal angle which is an important asset to get a more interesting image. You should also stand in the center of the photo because your Instagram profile picture is shown in a circle. The fact that it is centered will highlight your face.

Consider the lighting in your photos. For this one to be bright, it has to be exposed properly so that the face and color are clearly visible. You can use natural or artificial light. Be careful, your photo should not be blurry. There are also apps that let you edit photos.

To make your face feel the best, you can also add contrast which will make it feel better. Thanks to this one, you can also highlight the colors of your photos.

The background is also an important part of making a good Instagram profile photo. The trick is to use a plain, neutral background so there isn't a lot of information in your photos and followers focus on the important things.

2. What is the size for Instagram profile picture?

Instagram profile photo dimensions are at least 150 x 150 pixels. However 320 x 320 pixels is recommended. Cropped photo, it is not possible to put the entire profile photo on Instagram.

3. How to change your profile picture in Instagram app?

To change your profile picture in the Instagram app, you have to open the app first and then click on your profile. Then click Edit Profile. Select Change profile picture. Several options are available to you: change profile photo, delete your current photo, import photos from Facebook, take photos or choose from library. Choose the most suitable option for you and you will be successful in changing your Instagram profile picture.

4. How to change your profile picture on Instagram website?

In order to change your profile picture on the Instagram website, you must be logged in to the platform. Log in to your account and click on your profile picture. Then click Settings and then Change profile picture. You can delete your current photo or import a new photo. Choose any setting and change your profile picture.

5. How to view all Instagram profile pictures?

Instagram does not offer a feature to view a person's full profile photo. Nevertheless, many platforms offer this service.

Thus 5 points and tips for having a good profile picture for Instagram. May be useful

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