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Simple Tricks and Tips to Save a Wet Phone, Very Easy and Cheap

Here are the steps to keep the phone wet, very simple! It turned out to be very easy and cheap.

Of all our travels, in all contexts: the phone accompanies us everywhere. What if it falls in the water?

Over the years, the phone has established itself as the number 1 accessory for many people. But not all smartphones are waterproof. In addition, accidents can happen quickly.

Tricks and tips to save a wet phone

In summer, wet nights, swimming and rainstorms can quickly damage your smartphone. We bring you the perfect trick to save a wet phone, in a few simple steps.

Good reflexes that have proven themselves over the years.

If your device is drinking a cup, you should still remain calm. Indeed, there is a very simple method to limit the damage.

First, you have to restore your device to dry. Avoid shaking it, as this can spill water into the hull.

Then try disassembling your phone if the model allows it. This will allow you to drain the battery.

To remove water droplets from the phone, use a small dry sponge. The texture will absorb a lot of water gently.

Then, place the phone in the container of rice. Feel free to cover the device. From there, the first thing you need to do is be patient. Indeed, for this method to work, you will need to allow your phone to dry for 2 days amid grains of rice.

The starch contained in this cereal helps to remove the moisture present in the phone. After 48 hours, your device will be very dry. Be careful not to interrupt this process. If you take out your smartphone from time to time, the trick will lose its effectiveness.

At first glance, this move may seem silly. But it's been around for years. Many Internet users have had the opportunity to test it and validate its effectiveness.

Mistakes not to do with a wet phone

For many people, seeing their phone drop into the water is a nightmare. In panic, some people sometimes act irrationally. Also, here are some tips to safely recover your smartphone.

First of all, don't place your wet device in a cold place. Freezers can actually freeze water. But the formation of ice on the phone can damage some components. Your device will never be able to restart again if water remains and freezes in it.

Second bad idea: use heat to remove moisture. Many people think that the solution lies in drying. And that's not entirely wrong. But using hot air to save your device is pointless. Again, heat and evaporation do not mix well with electronic components. In addition, this method poses great danger, as it mixes water and electricity.

Putting the phone in a sack of rice remains the most effective trick for drying it. In addition, it does not require expensive tools or materials. In fact, rice is in almost every cupboard. Finally, this method poses no danger to those who choose to try it.

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