How to Prevent GOOGLE MAPS from Finding Your Location?

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How do you prevent Google Maps from finding you? The following is an easy step guide.

Disabling the history of the location of Google Maps was not enough to prevent Google from finding you. If you want to really get out of the Google radar. This post will explain how to do it step by step.

If we appreciate the many services offered by Google Maps and its continuous desire to innovate (voice guidelines for blind people, notification if public transportation is saturated, etc.). All of that means we just like being tracked continuously.

So, if you use Google Maps in a very sporadic way, you should know that Google Maps records your location permanently, even when the application is not launched, as long as your internet connection is active.

You may have tried to turn off the history of the location of Google Maps, but it only stops Google to display recommendations and advertisements based on the place you have visited.

To stop permanent localization, the following procedures must be followed. The first step is: Download Google Maps.

How to prevent tracking your activities on Google Maps?

Start by launching Google Maps. After you are on the main page, tap the hamburger menu located to the left of the search bar.

After the menu appears, scroll down until you find 'settings'. Press it.

List of Parameters Revealed. Now go to the "historical map".

You are now on the "Google Maps Activity" page. Find the box labeled "Settings Web & Active Application Activity" and tap "Change Settings".

You arrive at a new page. When you are permanently traced, the slider on the right "Web & Application Activity" is placed on the right and blue. Perform pressure on the shift.

It is important to note that "web & application activities" are not only about Google Maps, but all Google services. Unfortunately, it is not possible to deactivate Google's tracking one by one for each service offered. So, keep in mind that all your Google applications will be affected, although this usually only produces advertisements and recommendations that are less relevant.

Tap "Disable" to confirm the suspension of your activity history.

You return to the previous page and shift for your web activity is now gray and left.

How do I remove the location history?

You have now stopped Google's ability to find you by paused your web activity tracking. To complete it, you can now delete your location history stored by Google.

Among the various options available for you, select "all periods".

Confirm that you want to delete data on Google Maps by tapping "delete".

Elimination is effective. You can now use Google Maps without storing your location and travel data.

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