How to Use the Unread WHATSAPP Chat Filter

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There are times when you are busy, some messages that enter the WhatsApp application are ignored until you forget to read them. This of course can be bad, especially if the message comes from a lecturer, boss, client, or other important message.

Fortunately, Meta's instant messaging app has released a lot of new features in the last few months that pamper its users even more. One of the WhatsApp features that is being developed is the "unread chat" or unread filter. This feature will make it easier for us to read messages that have been missed.

WhatsApp through its official Twitter account has announced the "unread chat" filter feature has been released to the public. That way, you can sort your chats by the 'unread' filter as an extra step so you don't miss any messages.

Reporting from Gizbot, reportedly the new WhatsApp feature was first available for Android users. WhatsApp web users will be able to use the "unread chat" filter option on the desktop version of the messaging app. As for iOS users, until this article was posted, there is still no official information on when to use this feature.

As the name implies, the "unread chat" filter option will sort and display all unread or missed messages. This will ensure users don't miss any important messages which often happens when messages flood the app.

After this feature is active on the device you are using, you will see a new filter tab. This option will be positioned right next to the search tab at the top of the app's homepage.

How to use the 'unread messages' feature on WhatsApp

Once this filter option is selected, AI WhatsApp will automatically create a chat list and highlight unread messages. Here are the steps to use it.

1. Open the WhatsApp application on your Android phone or desktop.

2. On the homepage of the messaging app, find the search option, then tap it.

3. You will see many options including Unread, Photo, Video, Link, GIF, Audio, and Document.

4. Select the Unread or Unread option from the list above.

5. As soon as you hit the Unread tab, the application window will show all the unread chats.

For the record, the chats will be sorted by the most recent message. Recent unread chats will be at the top followed by other messages according to the timeline.

Good luck!

Photo: Pixabay

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