Here's a Trick How to Unsend Emails in Outlook

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In Outlook, you can delete sent emails or change their content, but only under certain conditions.

In Outlook, it is possible to create a rule to delay sending your email for a few minutes.

How to cancel or change an email that has been sent in Outlook

If it is easy to cancel an email in Gmail, it is not so in Outlook because all sent emails cannot be cancelled.

The conditions for email cancellation that you need to know are as follows:
  • The recipient must not have opened the email,
  • Email reminders are only available for Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange email accounts from the same organization (hence it only applies to your emails sent internally).
To remember an email that was sent in Outlook:
Go to your Sent Items folder,
  • Double click on the email you want to cancel,
  • On the Message tab, in the Move section, click the More moving actions icon (under the purple OneNote icon),
  • Then click Recall this message , and select the desired option: either you simply delete the email or you delete the email and replace it with a new message),
  • After you make your selection, click OK .
  • You can delete an email or change its content.

How to create an Outlook rule to delay sending all emails for a few minutes

Every day, we can sometimes make some mistakes in our email: forgot attachment, wrong recipient, missing information...

To avoid errors, you have the possibility in Outlook to create a custom rule that allows you to delay sending your emails by a few minutes (on the desktop version of Outlook).

So, if you click "Send" and you realize your mistake within the next few seconds or minutes, thanks to the rules you created, you can cancel sending your email because the email will remain in your Inbox folder.

Rules for delaying email delivery in Outlook

To create a rule that allows you to delay sending email in Outlook:
  • Click File at the top left of the Outlook interface,
  • Then click Manage rules and alerts, a window opens, select the option New rule… ,
  • The rule template is displayed, select the last template Apply the rule to the message I send, then click Next,
  • Outlook Assistant asks "What condition do you want to check?" » , uncheck any box and click Next again, and confirm your choice by clicking Yes,
  • You can then select an action, tick Broadcast discount for minutes, then below, select the number of minutes you want by clicking on the underlined text
  • Finally, click Done to validate your selection.
You must click on this text to select the number of minutes before the last sending of your email.

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