Your Phone Number is more dangerous than you think, This WhatsApp Feature Will Help You Hide It

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The most popular messaging app WhatsApp, owned by the American company Meta, has developed many new updates that include more useful features, including a feature that gives users the ability to manage sharing phone numbers with other people.

And according to what the "timesnownews" website mentions, it is monitoring a new update in the beta version of WhatsApp on Android, which offers privacy options that have been developed to protect the platform's users and hide their phone number when starting a conversation. in the group.

The reason is, because sharing a phone number with other people is sometimes very dangerous, because Hackers can use it to access your social media accounts or bank accounts.

Phone Number Sharing Features

As reported by WABetaaInfo, a website that tracks the latest WhatsApp updates, the "Share Phone Number" feature is currently under development in beta version, and will reach Android users in future app updates.

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WABetaaInfo shared a screenshot of the option to share a phone number directly in a community subgroup. After joining a community or group in the app.

Meanwhile, the instant messaging app is planning another feature that will ask WhatsApp Business business users if they want to share their phone number when they start a conversation with a business.

In some cases, WhatsApp will automatically hide the customer's phone number when sending a message to the company by clicking on the Click to WhatsApp option, and “WABetaInfo” clarifies that all interactions with WhatsApp ads will not be eligible to hide the phone number.

How WhatsApp's New Features Work

As for how the new feature works, it is important to note that when you call a specific company and the phone number is hidden, in certain cases like the case with the option to save the phone number on your device, the WhatsApp platform will be displayed. notifications to users who can choose to share a phone number with a group that just joined.

It should be noted that in that WhatsApp feature there is also a group setting to approve new participants before joining the group, and the "Approve new participants" feature allows group administrators to determine who can join the group, and it is said that a new section will be available. They want to join a group, where group admins can accept or deny incoming requests.

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