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Is it true that Nikon will stop producing DSLR cameras?

Recently, it was widely circulated that the Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon would stop the development of a single lens reflex camera (DSLR). Nikkei Asia reported, they would focus more on resources on mirrorless cameras which became popular products in the advanced technology era.

According to Petapixel, if this news is true, that means the end of Nikon DSLR comes faster than expected. Because the previous report revealed that the F-Mount camera would not be abandoned until 2025.

But Nikkei Asia said that Nikon had "lost" to a smartphone that had many advanced features in its camera. Nikon wants to fight back by offering products with more unique features.

The report further said that the Japanese camera giant will continue the production and distribution of existing DSLR models, but the focus will switch to digital mirrorless cameras.

Related to this, the responses given by Nikon did not justify, or deny. But they mentioned that Nikon would continue the production, sales, and digital SLR services.

"There is a media article about the withdrawal of Nikon from SLR development. This media article is only speculation and Nikon has not made an announcement regarding this matter, "Nikon said in a statement. "Nikon will continue to production, sales, and digital SLR services. Nikon appreciates the support that you always give. "

Only around June 2022, Nikon confirmed that the D5600 and D3500 models had been stopped. Since the company launched the D6 SLR flagship in June 2020, no new SLR model was released. The company has stopped the development of compact digital cameras.

The DSLR camera giant colleague, Canon, has stated that the EOS-1D X Mark III will be the last DSLR Flagship camera. The company's CEO said at that time that market needs quickly moved towards mirrorless cameras so they also led to there. But he advised the company to continue to make several beginner and medium class DSLR cameras in the future.

The end of the Nikon DSLR camera era?

Nikon has been around since 1917 and adopted the name in 1946. Nikon released its first SLR in 1959 and has long been upheld by photographers and professional journalists. They catapulted their names by offering high -quality alternatives to German brands, such as Leica, who had dominated the market.

The company began to offer DSLR in the late 1990s. Together with Canon's competitors, they managed to take over the DSLR market.

When a mirrorless camera became popular, Nikon's DSLR sales began to decline. But since then the Z9 has been released, which is a Mirrorless Flagship Full-Frame Professional Flagship camera in the first quarter of 2022. (*)

Photo: Pixabay

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