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How Do You Know If Someone Has Blocked You on FaceBook?

If you have had a bit of a heated conversation on Facebook where the tension escalates and the other person decides to cut ties without telling you. So, let's take a look at the best way to check if someone has blocked us.

First signs of blocking on social media

Blocking by the interlocutor on social networks is recognized by the following signs: first of all, you will no longer have the possibility to start or continue a discussion with him. Also, you no longer have access to his profile.

If you search for the person's name in the search bar, there are no results. It is to believe that he was never part of the Facebook community.

Social network users, especially those who are not used to it, can make certain mistakes. First, blocking and unfriending are two very different actions. However, motivations can coincide.

In addition, being blocked produces more or less the same token as when your correspondent deactivates his account. Finally, it happens that you accidentally blocked the other person and not the other way around. In the latter case, the only difference with blocked is that the unblock button is on your side.

Look in your conversations

For someone to block you, they may already be talking to you. In this case, you will definitely still find your discussion somewhere. Remember that you have a copy of the conversation that only you can delete.

Warning message instead of reply

Scroll through the list of private messages until you find a chat you shared with your friends. When you click on it, it opens, like everything else. However, the text box that used to be located at the bottom is no longer there. Instead, you'll see an "You can no longer reply to this discussion" alert followed by a small "Learn more" link.

If you find the discussion in question, check the image that appears on the icon. If you see a recent or old photo, it means the person has blocked you.

If it shows Facebook's default avatar, then you can consider the fact that the user just deactivated their account and it wasn't addressed to you. If this is the case, the warning message at the end of the discussion will be "This person is not available on Facebook".

Currently, Facebook allows you to only block messages from the other person without completely blocking them on Facebook. In this case, you will continue to see the person's posts and stories, but they will no longer receive your private messages.

Go to their profile

If this evidence doesn't convince you, try sharing his profile. Usually, you won't be able to access it if the person blocks you on Facebook.

Multiple ways to access your profile

First, you can use the discussion we talked about above. Tap on their photo and select a profile option. If the blockage is proven, an error page will appear.

Second, you have the option of going through a search engine. Click the magnifying glass icon and type in their nickname. If a block occurs, you won't see the account in the results list.

Third, you can try to find it in your News Feed. Find posts where you have been tagged by/with that person. This link cannot be deleted, because other users also have access to the link. If he has effectively blocked you, clicking on his name will display an error page or pop-up.


If the person in question just blocked your chat, searching your profile won't be a problem. You will be able to view his profile either by one or the other of these three methods. However, he still can't receive your messages.

Verification from another account

As a last resort, if you feel that the blockage must be due to a mishandling by the other person, you can try reconnecting from a friend's account or creating a temporary account.

Two possible types of help

If you've asked for help from someone who isn't friends with the person you're trying to contact, ask them to look up the nickname in question. If the latter does not find results, either the person concerned has changed his name, or he has deactivated his account.

If you've asked a mutual friend for help, send them to view their private messages and view their profile. If both tactics went without a hitch, then there was no longer any doubt. The person explicitly blocked you. Otherwise, he just needs to deactivate his account.

Temporary account

Although rarely used, this method is effective. To register, create a new Facebook account. You can fill in the required information with dummy data.

After all, it will only help you find the individual who blocked you. If your search was successful and you found his profile, you have been blocked by him. Once you no longer need this temporary account, feel free to delete it.

Different forms of blocking on Facebook

1. General blocking

This is the most radical case. In the event of a general ban, you will no longer have access to the account. You won't be able to chat, view their profile, traverse their publications, or even find the person with a search engine. In short, you will find no trace of the whereabouts of your interlocutor, apart from the private messages exchanged.

2. Remove from friends list

This is not a blockage strictly speaking but can have the same symbolic meaning. The person no longer wants to be part of your circle of friends, but they don't see you as a danger. You can still view their profile, public posts, and even send messages, but you won't see their private posts in your News Feed or Stories.

Block message

The person just blocked your message. In this case, you still have access to private posts and profiles, but you can no longer have conversations with the person.

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