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GSM Booster: How to Choose Your Cellular Repeater?

You are not getting a good network with your Smartphone at home? GSM amplifiers are a good solution. Do you have a 4G business plan but the connection to your home is poor? No problem ! GSM mobile booster will be the best solution for your problem.

What is GSM amplifier (GSM Repeater)?

GSM Booster, as the name suggests, is a cellular signal booster. Also called GSM repeater, this amplifier can boost the Smartphone signal and thus enable better reception in the area covered by the system. Like a megaphone, this 4G amplifier takes what is transmitted and multiplies it.

For a GSM amplifier to work, it must be able to boost the existing signal. If there is no network coverage, the GSM repeater cannot create a signal by itself. A GSM amplifier is a device consisting of several elements with a receiving antenna, a signal amplifier and an internal antenna.
GSM cellular booster diagram, how does it work
GSM cellular booster diagram, and how it works
The receiving antenna should be placed indoors or outdoors depending on the model and preferably in a high location. It should also be positioned where the cellular signal is strongest and, ideally for a directional antenna, it should be pointed to the nearest cellular telecommunications tower.

Therefore, a GSM cellular booster allows you to have a stronger signal when you are in an area where the connection is not working properly and can help solve this problem.

How to choose a suitable cellular repeater for your area?

When buying a cellular signal booster for your home, it's important to consider the area you live in, as it can play a big role in choosing the right amplifier for your situation. You can find different types of signal amplifiers designed for use in different situations. You have to be aware of this in order to choose the right cell phone service upgrade product. That's why we provide some important guidelines to follow to get an amplifier depending on the area you live in.
gsm amplifier
For residents of urban areas: amplify 4G signal
Even if you live in an urban area, where outside signal strength is good, you may experience weak signal strength inside your building because building materials can act as a cellular signal barrier. As a result, cell reception inside your house will be very poor and can cause several problems like dropped calls, poor voice clarity, slow internet and messaging, etc.

Signal Booster with Omnidirectional Antenna

If your office or home is in an urban area, it is better to get a cellular signal booster with an omnidirectional antenna. This antenna has a short range, but may be sufficient, as outside the building the signal will be stronger.

Omnidirectional antennas can pick up signals from all directions. It can be useful for you to receive signals from several traders at once, as it can receive signals from all directions. So you only need one booster even if you want to support multiple carriers. So if you live in an urban area, make sure you have a cellular signal booster with an omnidirectional antenna.

For people living in rural or remote areas: signal repeater

The main reason for poor cell reception in rural and remote areas is distance from cell towers. Therefore, the external signal strength will be very low in this area. Therefore you will need a strong antenna capable of receiving signals over long distances. In this situation, a one-way antenna is the best choice, as it is very strong and can receive signals even over long distances.
3G Network Booster for Mobile
But if you want to boost the signal from a different service provider whose antennas are in different directions, you may need more one-way antennas. You need to combine the signals from these different antennas using a device called a combiner before they reach the amplifier.

There are different types of antennas used in signal repeaters that are designed to support different areas depending on the strength of the external signal. So you need to consider the area you live in before getting a signal booster.

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