SAMSUNG Has Prepared Mid-Range Foldable Phones

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Samsung is reportedly working on several mid-range foldable smartphones that are much more affordable than the current high-end Galaxy Z-series phones.

The news comes after reports that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone and become part of the affordable Galaxy A line.

The report was revealed by an undisclosed source who also claims that its release is still a few years away. So, there is no more specific information about the device itself, considering its development is likely at an early stage.

The latest report on Samsung's affordable foldable smartphone comes from the South Korean publication ET News. They mention that Samsung is working on at least two new mid-range foldable smartphones.

One of these devices will be a clamshell phone like the Z Flip 3, while the other will be stylized like the standard tablet-sized Galaxy Fold. According to the report, both devices will be priced at a lower price, around USD 770.

The report also claims that Samsung is looking to emulate the success of the Galaxy A-line by releasing its new foldable smartphone, but does not confirm whether that release will be part of the Galaxy A lineup. Samsung is said to be targeting a 2024 release date for the upcoming device.

Earlier this month, a report from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) revealed that the South Korean company remains the global leader in foldable smartphones with a 74 percent market share in early 2022. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is reportedly the best-selling device in its class.

That said, Samsung isn't the only company working on affordable foldable phones. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo is said to be developing its own clamshell folding smartphone with a price tag of around USD 750 (Rp 10 million).

Oppo also has a Galaxy Z Fold-style folding smartphone called the Find N which is priced at USD 1,150 in China. However, the new foldable device will be a clamshell smartphone similar to the Z Flip 3. If the information is accurate, the price will be significantly lower than Samsung's latest clamshell, which costs around USD 999.

Photo: Samsung

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