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How to View Devices Connected to My Wifi?

In just a few clicks, you can check the list of all devices connected to your internet network. Follow these tips.

Is your internet connection working slower? You want to disconnect for certain connected devices on your wifi to improve network, but you don't know which one is connected? Fortunately, there are tips for checking current and/or past connections.

Find network IP address

Whether you use the Internet on your computer, smartphone or tablet, the first thing to do to access the data of your WiFi network is to find the IP (Internet Protocol) address associated with it.

On smartphones, the maneuver is often quite simple, because the IP address is indicated in the network and internet menu in your device settings, or in the "about" section of the phone, then "information on status or condition": The title varies depending on the model.

If you are using a Windows computer, go to the Settings menu and select Network and Internet and then WiFi. Click on the network you are connected to and the IP address will appear in the Properties section.

On a Mac computer, open the Apple menu and enter the System Preferences menu. Click on the network section, then select your network from the list that appears, the IP address will appear in the dialog box.

Access Router Administrator Page

Once your IP address is identified, you will need to access your WiFi router administrator page. In your web browser (Mozilla, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.), enter the address bar of your IP address. Then go to the router manufacturer's web page where there is an access form. You will need to enter the username and password of your WiFi user account (if you haven't done so in the past, the specified data should be provided in the router documentation). Be careful, if you have forgotten this identifier and want to reset your router, it will return to its factory settings and you will also lose all your settings.

Access connected devices

Once you've accessed the account associated with your router, you should have access to a submenu dedicated to devices connected to your wifi network whose titles may vary from model to model (but we generally find them under the names "connected devices" or " wireless").

From there, you will be able to see which devices are connected to your WiFi network and you can choose to skip them. If you find that an unknown device is parasitizing your connection, feel free to change your WiFi password, in order to prevent more serious accidents.

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