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Beware of being cheated, Here's How to Check Fake Images (Photos) on The Internet

Technological advances make it easy for people to take photos from other sources to be used as profile photos or pictures in a news story. This fake photo is certainly disturbing because it can lead us to become victims of fraud or hoax news.

But actually, images on the internet can be traced to the original source. This method will help us to know whether the photos in the viral news are real or fake.

It can also be used to find out whether the profile photo or photo sent by a lover we just met from the internet is genuine or just taking someone else's property.

Then, how do you know where the original source of a photo came from? Here are some ways to tell if an image or photo on the Internet is real or fake.

1. Use Google Lens

To be able to use it, you just need to open the Google Lens application on your smartphone. Next, point the camera at the image or upload it from the gallery. After that you can see the image and the original source.

2. Use Reverse Image on Google

All you need to do is open using a laptop or smartphone. Next, click the camera icon in the search field. Click "upload an image" and select a photo from the gallery. Google will show similar images.

3. Use browser extension

To be able to use this method, you need to first install RevEye via the Chrome Web Store. Next, type RevEye in the search field. Click "add to chrome". Click "add extension".

Once installed, right-click on the image you want to search on the website. Click "Reverse Image Search". Automatically, the search site tab will display related images.

Well, with the three ways above, you can easily find out the original source, context, and background of a photo. That way, you are not easily fooled or trapped by fake news.

Good luck..

Photo Source: Common Sense Media

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