GMAIL Adds Storage Indicator for Android and IOS

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On the web, Gmail has long added a display of how much storage space is being used at the bottom of the page. But not all users always use the web to access the Gmail service, right?

Well, now, the view for "storage in use" is available in the mobile Gmail app. Both for Android and iOS applications. This way, you can see how much space you have used from one Gmail account from your smartphone without having to open the web.

This display is also really helpful for those of you who rely on Gmail storage for free. So you can free up space for files that are older or no longer needed.

In the Gmail mobile app, Google added a "storage in use" indicator in the account section after you tap on your profile avatar in the top right corner of the main page. It appears below "manage your Google account" and above the list of other email addresses.

This view shows the cloud with Google's four colors on the left, the percentage of storage you're using, and how much storage you have in total.

If you press it, you will be redirected to the “manage your storage with Google One” page. There is a detailed record of how much Google Photos, Gmail and Drive are used.

Well, if you see the storage is almost full, you can free up space with the button at the bottom. There's even a shortcut for buying additional storage at the top.

If the display does not appear on your smartphone, you can update the Gmail application with the latest version that is already available on the Play Store and App Store.(*)

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