Actually, Do Android Phones Need Antivirus Applications?

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Did you know that Android is the most popular operating system on earth? Even the users are much bigger than Windows, you know. And so much so, that it can make Android a target for malicious attacks.

But is it true that your Android phone needs an antivirus application?

That's a reasonable question for most users. Antivirus software has been recommended for Windows users for years. Luckily, Microsoft already has better built-in tools to combat malware. But what about Android?

Android's biggest internal defense against malware is Google Play Protect. There are several different components to Play Protect. But mostly malware scans.

Main Functions of Play Protect

Every Android device that includes the Google Play Store must have Play Protect. For Android users, you may have seen the message “No Malicious App Found” at the top of the app and game management section of the Play Store. Well, that is the function of Play Protect: making sure the apps that users download from the Play Store are safe.

Play Protect doesn't just work on the Play Store. But keep an eye on any off-store app activity too. Even apps that have been sideloaded from outside the Play Store are also scanned by Play Protect. Sideloading is still inherently risky, but Play Protect will continue to be vigilant.

Apart from scanning apps, Play Protect can also protect you while browsing with Google Chrome. Just like Chrome on desktop, if you visit a site with a malicious code, Chrome will warn you and take you back to a safe page.

Monthly Security Update

Another great thing that can protect Android devices is the monthly security updates. This update is a smaller update that usually doesn't have any prominent new features, but is very important.

Vulnerabilities and digital crimes are emerging all the time. If your Android phone is only updated once a year, it can also be dangerous.

Unfortunately, not all Android devices receive this update on time. Google releases security updates every month. But the decision to bring up an update is left to its partners (Samsung, OnePlus, etc.) to approve the fix, add it themselves, or release it to the device.

The Most Secure and Up to Date Android Phone

If you want the most secure Android phone, you can go for a Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy device. Because Google and Samsung are the most reliable devices when it comes to keeping devices up to date with the latest patches.

So, Do Android Phones Need Antivirus?

There is no reason to download an antivirus app on an Android phone. Because there are the same basic rules for using any device. The rule is that users must use applications from the official source, the Google Play Store.

Another rule is don't go to websites that look dangerous. Do not click suspicious links in emails. Along with Play Protect, this protection is more than adequate.

On the other hand, you may need to download an antivirus app if you are using an Android device without Play Store, downloading Apps from untrustworthy sources, or having an outdated version of Android.

If you feel the need to download an antivirus app, then an app like Bitdefender or Norton 360 might come in handy.

So, you actually DO NOT NEED an antivirus app on your Android phone, if your device has Play Store and if you use it responsibly.

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