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5 Safari Features That You Must Use on the iPhone

Safari is known as one of the most complete browsers in Dunua. Apple's cellular browser was packed with various features. The company makes it easier for users to track and read online content, protect privacy, and maintain internet activities that remain regular. Here is a list of the best features in Safari and need to know all iPhone owners:

Advanced privacy feature of browser safari

Safari has several privacy settings that you might have activated. But it's good if you check it again if you are still worried about online privacy. Open Settings> Safari and scroll down to the "privacy and security section."

You can activate "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" to block advertisers and cookies so as not to track on all websites. In theory, this prevents advertisers from recording your profile based on the website you visit. Safari is also known as the first main browser to block third -party cookies by default.

You can also activate "Hide IP Address" if you use ICloud Private Relay to prevent trackers and websites view this information. This feature tries to thwart the efforts of advertisers to collect data based on your IP address.

Reader mode from browser safari

Users can activate the reader mode on most websites by pressing and holding the "AA" button to the left of the URL of the website in safari. When you do this, safari will delete all disturbances in the web except content on the page and display them in adjusted formats.

Advantages of Safari Reader Mode

The advantage, you can eliminate annoying advertisements. This feature also deletes the format or style of the website that might be more difficult to read. For example a strange choice of fonts and annoying colors. We are sure, you must often see a messy web pages like that.

You can adjust the reader mode by tapping the "AA" icon in the URL bar and selecting fonts, background colors, to the size of the text using the "A" button small and large. To exit the reader mode, select "Hide Reader" from this menu or press the "AA" button for a long time.

Private browsing (and shortcut) in the browser safari

Private browsing has many uses. The most important thing is not to leave the traces of the website that you have visited in your history, cookie, or your website data. But this feature is also useful for starting a new session with a website that might have collected your profile. For example, when your activities are limited, you can only read five free articles on the news website and have reached that limit.

You can access the personal exploration session under the tab display button in the lower right corner of Safari. You can also quickly switch to or from the "private" session by long pressing this button. From your vending screen, tap and hold safari then select "New Private Tab" to directly jump to a new tab in the "Private." Session.

"Add to Home" feature on safari

Some services, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, must be launched in the browser window. And the "Add to Home" Safari option provides the most smooth method to do it. Many websites function as if they are a stand-alone application, so it looks a slot in the iPhone multitasker and does not have UI Safari.

Finally, Duckduckgo search engine

You can change the default search engine to Duckduckgo. This search engine not only appreciates your privacy is far better than Google, but also does not have many advertisements, neater and lighter, even allowing you to limit the search to certain services using the "Bangs" or "Bangs!"

Bangs feature is a shortcut if you want to explore the website to the maximum and on target. For example, if you want to read news about Sri Lanka on the BBC via Duckduckgo, you just type "! BBC Sri Lanka" in the search column.

You can change the iPhone default search engine to DuckDuckgo under Settings> Safari> Browser Machine. (*)

 Safari Browser Browsing Iphone feature

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