Unique! Starbucks Collab with Samsung, Make a Latte Shape Buds Case

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Many say that Starbucks coffee is actually the same as coffee in general, but the merchandise is always interesting to buy. For example, most recently, the coffee giant collaborated with Samsung to make an official case for users of the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Buds 2 range. Unfortunately, according to a 9to5Mac report, this collaboration is only available in South Korea.
The casing is claimed to be environmentally friendly. With almost all of its casing made of silicone and featuring the famous Starbucks logo in green and white.

One of the Buds 2 case options is a dark green, standard shape, with the Starbucks logo. Others are small white mugs with handles and fake latte art whose tops can be turned to reveal the user's earbuds.

This fake mug can be a cute table accessory, especially if you can put earbuds so you don't have to bother looking in your clothes pocket. And, if you are the type of wallet carrier, a larger and more oval case can also be a good choice.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22 Plus case is dark green and features the Starbucks logo with the tagline “Count the stars in your Galaxy”, while the Galaxy S22 case comes in a slightly lighter green color with the Starbucks logo.

It's not clear how much the new Samsung-Starbucks merchandise will cost. But this case goes on sale on June 28, 2022. And considering that the supply is limited, plus it's exclusive to South Korea, then you might be able to share with your friends who are in Korea right now. The case will also be available at Naver's online store.

Photo: Samsung

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