Tiktok has Released the Avatar Effect, this is how to use it

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On June 7, 2022, Tiktok had just Meirilis Avatar. Later, you can make your own avatar and adjust it to your appearance.

Avatar Tiktok comes as a registered effect to be used in making videos. However, the avatar will function more sophisticated than the usual filter tiktok. Because, this avatar can follow your facial expressions and movements.

At present, most social media applications give users features to be creative with Avatar as a digital face, using it as an emoji or additional to record some funny videos. Not only Tiktok, Snapchat and Meta are also known to have a cool avatar feature, you know.

How to use and make avatar in tiktok

Avatar Tiktok was launched globally, and most users seem to like. To start making Avatar on Tiktok, you need to open the Tiktok application on Android, iPhone, or iPad then knock on the '+' icon to open the default camera. Furthermore, users must knock the effect to bring up a new tiktok avatar.

The easiest way to access the tiktok avatar is to look for it in the search column. The reason is, this effect will not be directly available in the popular section for some users. You have to search with the term "avatar" and the results of the tiktok avatar will appear. After that, a set of avatars will be seen.

Tiktok gives users of choice as many as twenty different modes. But if you feel nothing is right, you have to press the 'New' button to create a new avatar. Then, you have to choose the model that is most similar to your appearance and edit it.

Tiktok users can fully adjust the avatar, including skin color, hairstyles, head shape to eyebrow color and eyes. In addition, there are many other options to be modified, such as mouths, hair, glasses, and facial accessories.

After editing the avatar, the user must knock on the button finished in the upper right corner of the screen, return to the tiktok camera, select the tiktok avatar effect, and you will find the newly created avatar.

Tiktok is always successful in creating creative filters. For example, the recent booming tiktok sad filter. Chances are, new avatars will also be viral.

Tiktok's new avatar is more dynamic and sophisticated. They can precisely mimic the user's facial expressions. In addition, Tiktok users can make several avatars and choose in several choices. Before use, you can try a new avatar when making it. Good luck..

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