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Stitch, Tiktok's New Feature to Quote Videos from Other Users

While waiting for the decision of his fate in the United States on September 2020, Tiktok and Bytedance seemed to have no intention of "holiday" at all. They actually continued business activities as usual, even the time to release new features for Tiktok called "Stitch" and attract many marketing partners.

Stitch has actually been tested since last April. The main idea of ​​this feature is to make it easier for Tiktok users in "quoting" other people's videos for five seconds. Then, put it in their own video.

This feature is certainly very useful in quoting viral tiktok content, and can even be used as a tiktok video format meme maker.

Tiktok said if this feature can work based on account rules that are adjusted by the Tiktok account owner itself. Tiktok users can set whether their videos can be stitched or not every time they will make a new video.

Tiktok users who quote videos from other accounts will include a credit link to the video owner's account. This can help unravel the problem of overlapping content and the name of the original creator.

Besides the Stitch feature, Tiktok also seeks to expand the reach of the United States market by attracting 20 marketing partners, creative development, VR brand effects, and AR and so on. These partners include companies and campaign management.

Tiktok confirmed that the steps he took were a global initiative, which means that they did this to expand the global market wherever Tiktok could operate.

But with the fate of Tiktok in the US which is still very dependent on the decision of the US parliament, this step can also be a tiktok stepping stone in strengthening its position in the US market.

Bytedance has negotiated the tough with several US technology companies trying to buy Tiktok. If nothing is successful negotiations, then the fate of the partnership and marketing relationship with Tiktok with its partners is likely to still be very unpredictable.

"With the launch of Tiktok for Business, we created new opportunities for marketers to become creative storytellers in the Tiktok community", Melissa Yang, Head of the Ecosystem Partnership, said in a Tiktok blog post.

Tiktok for Business itself is a Tiktok platform launched specifically for Tiktok partners in becoming their marketing media, with a typical Tiktok marketing format. "We can't wait to provide creative and fun experiences to our partners, and the Tiktok community more broadly."

When asked how the latest features of Tiktok will work if Tiktok operations in the future are broken down into smaller operational areas, especially if Tiktok loses the market in the US? Tiktok is not willing to give further comments.

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