Why are so Many Top Celebrities Avoiding Twitter?

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Celebrities with tens of millions of followers on Twitter are becoming less and less visible. They seem to avoid social media. According to their advisers, Twitter is full of hateful accounts and politically charged mobs which puts them at greater risk of accepting a cancel culture.

Publicists, agents and managers who work for top stars told The Washington Post that they advise their clients to avoid the Twitter platform because the risk ratio is too great.

"There are so many ways to embrace cancel culture now," a publicist who works for several Hollywood star actors and filmmakers told the paper, when asked what they tell their clients.

Public relations staff told the Washington Post that they advised clients to stay away from Twitter because there were few opportunities to engage positively with fans.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk when this post was published, he was in the process of acquiring Twitter for $44 billion. Last month, he commented that most of the Twitter users with the highest number of followers rarely tweeted.

Analytics firm Social Blade found that the 10 most followed Twitter accounts, apart from Musk himself, posted 35 percent fewer tweets so far this year than during the same period four years earlier.

Musk and Barack Obama, who have the most Twitter followers with 131.4 million people, are two of the top 10 tweeters this year.

Other celebrities with large Twitter followers, including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift have significantly reduced their activity on twitter.

Other high-end stars, like Lizzo and Ariana Grande, have left Twitter completely. Their social media administrators say that Twitter has become a hotbed of hate speech, and it's easy for celebrities to get involved in controversy and risk damaging their branding.

"Twitter has become a breeding ground for trolls," Dolly Meckler, a social media consultant who manages celebrity accounts, told the paper.

“People can talk freely in a way they can't on other platforms. The celebrities I spoke to said it didn't feel like a welcoming place."

According to the Washington Post, celebrities are leaving Twitter and turning to Instagram and TikTok, which offer a more visual medium and allow them to more comfortably show off their charms to fans. On the other hand, they could also impose stricter restrictions on user comments.(*)

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