Google, Microsoft, and Apple Will Implement Passwordless Login

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Three of the world's largest technology companies are promoting the idea that users no longer need to enter passwords multiple times to access email or other platforms. So you no longer need to remember many sentences like "Angel25Juli2020,".

The FIDO Alliance announced Thursday (5/5/22) that it is working with Apple, Microsoft, and Google to implement a new common passwordless sign-in standard.

The three companies were chosen because the most widely used web browsers are from these 3 big companies. The top web browser is still Google Chrome. But recently Microsoft Edge overtook Apple's Safari browser as the number two most used browser on the desktop.

In the future, users' mobile phones will be used as the main authentication device for logging into applications, websites, and other platform services. Users only need to create a password on the phone as basic security, using fingerprint, pattern or pin.

Users are considered to benefit from simplicity because logins rely on physical device services.

FIDO said in a release that managing multiple passwords would make it difficult for consumers, moreover creating the same password across multiple accounts could cause huge losses in the event of a hack.

Microsoft, Apple and Google have also confirmed that the system is being worked on in their browsers. According to FIDO, the new capabilities will be rolled out over the coming year.

While current FIDO-based systems require a native login for automatic login, the planned new system will allow users to automatically access their "passkey" across multiple devices without having to re-register accounts for each hardware device.

This technology should also allow users to get into apps or websites on nearby devices, regardless of the operating system or device they're using.

Today's tech companies are heavily using two-factor identification, which requires multiple devices or accounts to log into an app or site, but using and entering passwords is getting harder and harder these days.

FIDO is an association created in 2012, its members include major technology players, with a series of boards from companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google, as well as Amazon, Intel, Visa and others. This organization adopts the standards commonly used for the World Wide Web Consortium.

The system is already used by device makers and web designers across all areas of technology, particularly in the automated sign-in systems seen on some devices such as Google Chrome or Apple accounts.(*)

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