How To Stop Strangers From Sending You Messages on FACEBOOK MESSENGER

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Facebook Messenger is a centralized app to help you message people on Facebook and Instagram. However, usually many people are fad or have malicious intentions to send you spam messages or fraudulent links from this one application.

Well, this time, I will tell you how Facebook Messenger users can prevent strangers from sending messages, and this may be useful for reducing spammers and intruders.

Because Messenger is directly connected to Facebook, some users may even receive hundreds of spam messages. However, there are various privacy settings that users can change to prevent this.

Users can start customizing their message preferences by opening Messenger on Android or iOS and tapping their profile picture in the top-left corner.

After opening the main menu, the user has to press the “privacy” button and select the first option, “messaging”. As the name suggests, this set of specific groups allows users to manage and choose who can send messages to users.

There are sections that show, “people who have your phone number”, “friends of friends on Facebook”, “accounts you follow or chat with on Instagram”, “your followers on Instagram”, “other people on Facebook ” and finally “others on Instagram.”

Messenger users can choose between three different options for each group of friends or followers. Users can choose to have their messages go directly to “chat”, go to “message requests” or not receive them at all.

If the user selects the “chat” category, the message will go directly to the main section. Now, if the user selects "request message", messages sent by other people will enter the request section, so they have to wait for user approval to enter the main section.

Finally, if the user chooses not to receive at all”, it means that you will not receive the message at all.

For example, a user selects the “don't accept requests” option for the categories “other people on Facebook” and “other people on Instagram.” That way you won't receive messages at all from strangers on Messenger.

When a user chooses not to accept the request, the sender of the message will see “This user did not accept message requests” in the conversation.

It should be noted that when someone you don't know sends a message on Messenger, the message goes straight to "message requests" or "spam."

How to Manage Message Settings via Messenger Web version

Messenger users can also manage these settings via the web version.
  1. First, the user must go to the site.
  2. Sign in to the account, then tap their profile photo in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  3. Next, click on “preferences”. At this point, the “manage messaging” option will appear.

When the user clicks on this option in Facebook Messenger settings, a new Facebook web page containing the same preferences will open.(*)

Photo Source: Tech Times

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