Get to Know the Zoom Progressive Web App & How to Use It on a Chromebook

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Chromebooks are a popular choice for college students who want to have a laptop at an affordable price. However, the capabilities of this device are limited and not the same as Windows or macOS. In fact, most of the services require internet, and installing the app is not easy.

Although some users may not know this, Zoom's video conferencing service is available in a Progressive Web App (PWA) version for users operating Chromebooks.

The company provides the PWA version because they know that the hardware capabilities of the Chromebook can't run heavy applications. Therefore, most of the services available on Chromebooks are web-based.

But what is a Progressive Web App, and why is Zoom rolling it out for Chromebook users?

To understand what a Progressive Web App is, you need to have a basic understanding of the different types of apps.

First, there are platform-specific apps that provide users with a self-contained experience. This app only works on the respective desktop, laptop or mobile devices that meet the app's minimum system requirements. And to just open it does not require an internet connection. However, the downside of this app is that its reach is limited.

As for the second, there are several applications that can run on any device but must be with an internet connection, regardless of hardware capabilities. Such applications are called web-based applications. For example, Google Docs is a web-based application.

Recently, developers have created a special hybrid version that is capable of running like a platform-specific application, while users can access it via any device with an active internet connection. Such an application is called a Progressive Web App.

For example, popular content streaming service YouTube is launching its Progressive Web App in 2021. In short, PWAs combine the best features of standalone apps and web-based apps. Currently, almost all web browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox support the PWA feature.

What is Zoom PWA (Progressive Web App)?

Now, the Zoom platform is available as a web service as well as an installable app for multiple platforms, including Windows and macOS. Unfortunately, even though Zoom is also available on Chromebooks as a Chrome OS app, users won't be able to use it from August 2022 as Google will be discontinuing support.

Thankfully, Zoom has overcome this by launching PWAs in June 2021. As stated on its official website, Zoom's PWAs "take advantage of web-based technologies to deliver a native desktop experience."

Users can install PWA Zoom on their Chromebooks without any problems. Not only is it faster and more functional, this PWA also takes up less space than regular apps. This is called the ideal combination for cloud-based devices.

To download Zoom PWA on Chromebooks, users need to open the Google Play Store, search for 'Zoom for Chrome PWA' and tap install. Once downloaded, Zoom PWA will be available as an app on Chrome OS devices.

This app provides features such as customizable gallery view, custom space, live transcription, live translation, new background hiding, reactions and much more. Going forward, Zoom PWA will be the only option for Chromebook users.

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