7 Applications to Make Group Work Easier, Let Tasks Finish Quickly

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Who has a lot of work and must be done in groups? To prepare for returning to school or college later, try checking the following application first, so that group work becomes easier.


For those of you who are actively working on projects, Figma can be very helpful. You can create mindmaps, design modules, workflows, daily schedules, simple UI/UX designs, and much more. Of course, we can do it together!


If you need a special platform for managing projects or schedules, Trello can be an option. You can create a board as many categories as you need. Just make a to-do-list and the appropriate label. You can also add deadlines, attachments, checklists, and more. This is perfect for those of you who want to make Kanban Boards.

Google Jamboard

For those of you who need to brainstorm with a team, Google Jamboard can be an option. Here you can draw freely with some basic tools. It's like a whiteboard, but a digital version. In addition to drawing, we can also make a kind of wall magazine on this platform, you can add sticky notes or pictures.

Team Viewer

Working in a group, but need a special application? Not all member devices are compatible to install the application. Well, there is a simple solution to this problem, namely the Team Viewer application.

The features of this application are similar to the remote control in Zoom. So, we can control other people's devices. Just install the application, enter the ID, enter the password of the device you want to control, done.


For those of you who often make mindmaps, you can use GitMind. The advantage of this platform is that it is mobile-friendly, because there may be group members who cannot open the desktop. There are lots of great mindmap templates here.


Miro is also a platform for making mindmaps, but it can only be accessed via the web. In Miro, the templates are very diverse, but the appearance is more professional. Suitable for formal tasks.


If you want to make a simple mindmap without the hassle, Coggle.it can be an option. Adding mindmap branches on this platform is very easy, but the complementary features are limited.

Well, those are some applications to make group work easier. Good luck!

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