Anna Delvey Wants To Delete Her Fraud Persona, Now Selling NFT

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Remember Anna Delvey? New York's upscale con artist whose story was made into a Netflix mini-series. Anna has now appeared to the public again.

After spending four years in prison for fraud, Anna says she is "trying to get away from the 'cheater' persona" that has been directed at her by the trial, the media and the Netflix show itself, Inventing Anna. Perhaps for him, a better way to do this would be to sell the NFT collection.

The fake socialite told NBC News that she had minted 10 NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Those who buy it will reportedly have "exclusive access" to Anna. He is currently in a correctional facility under the supervision of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The NFT holder will likely have the opportunity to meet Anna, who has appealed her pending deportation. Holders will also receive "personal items" from Anna, who again are currently on hold.

Anna tried to control her narrative after she was highlighted in the Inventing Anna series. The series is played by Julia Garner and was released earlier this year. Her NFT collection is called Reinventing Anna.

“It was kind of one of the first steps I took to start telling my own story,” says Anna. He claims that "blockchain will greatly help artists" to "reclaim ownership and [profit] from future sales." But sadly, the NFT market has really gone down.

Anna Delvey's real name is Anna Sorokin. He claimed to be royalty in Germany with a legacy of USD 60 million. He claims to raise capital to open a social club for the rich in Manhattan, but that's not the case. He had scammed someone's friends and businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Anna even almost succeeded in defrauding the giant US funding agency, Fortress.(*)

Photo Source: Timothy A. Clary/AFP

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