SpaceX Will Provide In-flight WiFi Network for the First Time

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SpaceX signed its first agreement with a commercial airline to provide in-flight wireless internet using the Starlink satellite network. The news was revealed by Elon Musk's space company on Thursday (21/4/2022).

SpaceX is reportedly scrambling with another growing satellite company to put high-speed internet on commercial airlines.

The company has also been in talks for months to provide Starlink internet on board. Starlink is the main branch of SpaceX's strategy to attract customers who need internet with difficult access locations.

The agreement was made with semi-private jet services company JSX and will equip 100 aircraft using the Starlink terminal. The plan is that the first aircraft connected to Starlink will fly by the end of the year.

SpaceX has launched approximately 2,000 Starlink satellites into low-Earth orbit since 2019. While not yet fully deployed, the company has offered broadband internet service to thousands of customers in several countries for USD 110 per month using a terminal dish.

SpaceX has sought regulatory approval from the US Federal Communications Commission to operate Starlink on aircraft and shipping vessels. Previously, the company had tested the internet on several Gulfstream jets, as well as military aircraft.

Starlink services on JSX aircraft will not be charged to JSX customers. In addition, the connection process will not be as complicated as using WiFi in general.

Photo: SpaceX

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