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How to Overcome Error Codes That Often Appear When Browsing

For those of you who like to surf the internet, you must have opened a web address that cannot be accessed and an error code appears. For those who are still new to the internet, of course this can make us panic, angry, and confused.

In fact, we don't need to be confused if this error code appears. These codes have their own meaning and of course there are ways to work around them.

No need to panic, here are some error codes that are often encountered and solutions for dealing with error codes that often appear when browsing.

1. 400 Bad Request Error

This code usually appears when the web address has been deleted, the internet connection has been lost, or the URL address has been entered incorrectly. If this code appears you don't need to panic. Just do the following ways.

First, check and make sure the URL address you wrote down is correct or not. After that, make sure you are also connected to a safe internet network and then refresh the web page.

2. 403 Forbidden

If this code appears, it means that the owner has intentionally hidden the web page so that it cannot be accessed by other people. If this is the problem, you need to contact the web owner to ask for permission to access the site.

3. 404 Not Found

This error code is very often encountered when trying to open a website address. If this code appears, it's because the server can't find the web page we want to find.

To fix this, you need to check the URL address again. Make sure if the address is written correctly, including the domain such as .com,, or .org. You also need to make sure you are connected to a safe internet.

4. 500 Internal Server Error

The last code that often appears is 500 Internal Server Error. This code indicates if the error does not come from the network that we are using, but from within the server itself.

If that's the case, the solution is just waiting for the page to be fixed. While waiting, you can clear cache and cookies and then refresh the web page.

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