Google Lens Can Be Used to Find Something with a More Specific Description

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In the US, Google Lens Can Be Used to Find Something with a More Specific Description

You've probably seen some really good stuff, but prefer it to be black. You may also have felt like buying shoes on display in a store, but the store didn't provide the color you wanted.

Then how about it? don't despair. Because there is good news for you.

Google has launched a US-only beta version of its promised Google Lens Multisearch feature since September 2022. As usual, Google Lens will ask you to search for something using a snapshot first, but if you don't find a suitable result, you can enter a special keyword, you know.
Photo: Google
The feature has already been rolled out on the Google App for iOS and Android in the US, but as of this writing, it's unknown when it will roll out widely to other countries.

Although mostly intended for shopping purposes, Director of Google Lens and Visual Search, Lou Wang, said the feature had more capabilities than that.

“Suppose you have something broken in front of you, but have no words to describe it, but you want to fix it… you just type in 'how to fix it,'” Lou Wang said.

Google Search Product Manager, Belinda Zeng, exemplifies another sophistication of its features. You can search for nail samples from screenshots of beautiful nails on Instagram, then you can type the keyword "tutorial" to search for tutorial videos via Google Lens.

Then, you can also take pictures, for example rosemary plants, then look for ways to take care of them. Then Google will help and provide a solution.

According to Wang, Google wants to help people understand questions naturally, explaining that multisearch will expand to more videos, images in general, even the kinds of answers you might find in a traditional Google text search.

Google hopes AI models can drive a new era of search, although this experiment seems quite limited. But a search model like the one above can be an interesting addition if it becomes a core feature of Google Search.

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