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Twitter Will Recommend Third-Party Applications to Prevent Bad Behavior

Social media giant Twitter is enlisting the help of outside apps to prevent malicious behavior on its platform. The company will recommend third-party applications as additional actions that users can take in addition to the application's built-in features.

Twitter will make a recommendation for a series of third-party apps when a user blocks or mutes another person it deems dangerous or has been abusive.

For now, there's the Block Party app, a tool that allows people to automatically block accounts that could potentially be a source of harassment. There's also Bodyguard, which can automatically filter replies and help users manage their mentions.
“We are excited about the opportunity to appear in front of users who will really benefit from what we do,” said Block Party founder and CEO Tracy Chou.

“This way, we are much more direct in front of the people who want this kind of tool.”

This app was previously available, but Twitter users would have to search for the service separately to use it. Now, the company will recommend on its app and website along with its own blocking feature.(*)

Photo: Twitter

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