Twitter Tries New CC Button to Show Text on Videos

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Twitter has announced that the company is testing a new "CC" button to enable and disable captions on videos with available captions, Friday (22/4/2022).

This feature is rolling out to some users on iOS and will be coming to Android soon.

As shown in the video by the Twitter Support account, the button appears in the upper-right corner of videos attached to tweets.

Twitter has become one of the social media where viral video content and new videos circulate. With the new CC button, it can help users enable or disable captions according to their needs.

As the board considers a takeover bid by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Twitter has rolled out a bunch of new features in recent weeks. Some features focus on accessibility and others based on popular requests from users.

Early in April 2022, Twitter announced ALT labels and improved image descriptions were available globally. That feature makes the alternative text description stand out more for all users.

The company also confirmed that it is working on a button for editing tweets, which is rolling out first to Twitter Blue subscribers.

Additionally, Twitter features expert Jane Manchun Wong found evidence that the social media service is also testing a feature to allow users to set statuses.

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