These Electric Chopsticks Can Make Food More Savory

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No Need to Add Salt, These Electric Chopsticks Can Make Food More Savory

Salt can always make food taste better. But unfortunately, if consumed in excess, this kitchen spice has a bad impact on the body. But the chopsticks developed by these scientists may be a solution.

According to Gizmodo, like VR glasses that can trick the eye into seeing a non-existent 3D world, these chopsticks can trick the user's tongue into tasting salty flavors, even in healthy, low-sodium dishes.

These electric chopsticks were co-developed by researchers from the Yoshinori Miyashita Laboratory of the Department of Advanced Media Science, Meiji University, and Japanese food manufacturer Kirin (mostly known for their beer).

The cutlery was created as part of an effort by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to reduce Japanese people's daily salt intake, which on average is much higher than the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation.

The goal of this effort is to reduce the amount of salt consumed by at least 20 percent. It also leads to a reduction in taste - a stumbling block that is often difficult for those trying to switch and stick to a healthier diet.

These chopsticks were made to be the answer. At one end of the chopsticks is a metal contact that has a weak electrical current in the form of a stimulating wave that enhances the taste of low-salt foods.

This electric current will affect the ions in sodium chloride and monosodium glutamate resulting in an increase in saltiness and umami.

In a recent experiment, electrical stimulation was found to increase the saltiness of a given food almost 1.5 times. When eating something made with a 30 percent reduction in salt, the difference in taste will not be noticeable to the user.

This kind of innovation is not the first time. In 2016 another Japanese research team created an electric fork that enhances saltiness and sourness. Then a company called SpoonTEK sold an improved spoon with an electrical contact. The spoons not only promise to improve taste, but also reduce unpleasant tastes and odors in foods like Greek yogurt.

Researchers have even gone so far as to create lickable screens capable of recreating a wide variety of tastes without actually putting any food in our mouths.

Photo: Meiji University

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