Strategies dan Tips for Choosing a Business Domain Name

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In this post, we will present some tips and strategies for choosing a business domain name that you can apply to increase the quality of brand awareness and build your brand identity.

Using Domain Name Extensions Other Than .COM

The first tips and strategies for choosing a business domain name are related to choosing a domain extension. The .COM domain is the most mainstream extension and the most widely used by professional website owners around the world today. It is estimated that there are around 130 million websites that use the .COM domain name.

As for other interesting domain names that have several extensions besides .COM, such as .ID, .SITE, .NET, .CO.ID, or .TECH. Some of these domains are useful for giving a unique and anti-mainstream impression on your business website.

Interesting choice of domain name other than .COM (Source: Shutterstock)
One of the reasons for using these domain extensions is because the .COM domain extension has been rented by many other website users around the world. So that the domain names that are still available are getting thinner.

If you prefer to use the .NET or .NEWS domain extension, for example, then the available domain names are still quite a lot and can reach a specific target market for users around the world.

Checking Legal Trademark

The next strategy to choose a business domain name that needs to be considered is the trademark. Trademarks are almost the same as copyrights and patents. However, the three terms still have significant differences. It is important to legally register a domain name through a trademark.

Trademark is a trademark that is legally protected by law in certain countries. By registering your domain name legally on the trademark database website, no other party or website will have the right to use a domain name that is exactly or even similar to yours.

These tips also apply when you want to use a specific business domain name, you should first check the availability of the domain name you want on several sites such as, e-Status IPR, and ASEAN TM View.

If the business domain name you want is already registered in a government trademark database, then it's a good idea to look for another domain name to avoid getting into legal trouble.

Look for a Business Domain Name that is Simple, Easy to Remember, Easy to Type and Pronounce

Why should it be easy to pronounce and easy to type? Because later internet users can visit your website by typing the domain name in their browser. If your domain name is simple, short, and not difficult, then visitors will find it easier to type it in the browser.

In addition, now a popular voice recognition technology on Google. Internet users can use the browser via voice commands spoken on the smartphone (Google Voice). So in this digital era, it's also important to make sure the business domain name you choose is really easy to spell and pronounce.


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