TIKTOK Develops New Avatars, Live-Audio Streams and Creative Features

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The social media platform TikTok, is developing a number of new features. Includes avatars like Bitmoji, keyword filtering for For You Page (FYP), group chats, live audio streams, share screens on live streams, and a subscription feature.

This potential, in-progress feature was discovered by social media analyst Matt Navarra.

This leak seems to still be the first step. Just because TikTok is toying with a new idea, doesn't mean it will launch in the app. However, developing features can sometimes provide insight into the platform's next plans.

TikTok is always thinking of new ways to add value to their community and enrich the TikTok experience.

TikTok has confirmed that these features are indeed being considered, but emphasized that when TikTok tries out new ideas, the goal is to get feedback from users. The resulting features (if launched) can be very different from the leaks.

Some of these leaked features have been publicly tested in some form, such as a paid content creator subscription. The keyword filtering feature – which is similar to Twitter's “mute” feature – has been mentioned as part of TikTok's ongoing efforts to clean up the For You Page

TikTok has developed a feature that allows people to select words or hashtags related to content that they don't want to see in FYP.

Meanwhile, other leaked ideas, such as avatars and live-streaming audio, point to other potential avenues for TikTok expansion as recently worked on by the social media giant.

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