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Easy Ways to Make Emoji Mix and How to Save Them

Lately, a lot of content is scattered using Emoji Mix. After the Moon Phase has fulfilled your FYP (For You Page) TikTok, now it's the turn of the Emoji Mix trend. 

Want to Follow the Emoji Mix Trend? Here's How To Make It

Basically, Emoji Mix is ​​a combination of two conversational emoticons which when put together, the emoticons will form a new emoticon that is unique and funny, and is not yet in the list of default emoticons of any application.

Besides being stored on TikTok, Emoji Mix can also be saved and used as WhatsApp stickers, you know, gang. Of course, many of you may be curious about how to make Emoji Mix. Even though it's simple, trying Emoji Mix turns out to be really addictive too!

How to make emoji mix without app

This time I will share how to make Emoji Mix without an application and using a website called
  1. The first step, you need to enter the website page
  2. Select the “Click Here to Begin” section. Well, here you will see two emoticon charts.
  3. Then, select the emoticon you want to combine.
  4. After finding a suitable emoticon, click "Merge"
  5. After that press the “Copy/Copy” button and share it on your other social media applications.

How to save Emoji Mix results using the App

It should be noted that not all social media applications and smartphones have support for saving or pasting Emoji Mix directly. So, what's the solution then?

If you want to save the Emoji Mix results, you can do so using the Microsoft Word application on the desktop.
  1. First, save the Emoji Mix link that you have created.
  2. Then, log in again to the link using the desktop.
  3. Click “Continue” and you will be shown the results of your previous Emoji Mix.
  4. After that click "Copy / Copy" and then "Paste / Paste" in the Microsoft Word desktop application.
  5. Once Emoji Mix appears, right click around the image. Then after the menu appears, click "Save as Picture," you're done. How easy is it?(*)
That's a little information about how to make an emoji mix without an application and an explanation of how to save emoji with the help of the Microsoft word application on the desktop.

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