Understanding Domains and Benefits of Domain Names for Business People

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Domain as a website address to make it easier for visitors to enter a site. (Source: Shutterstock)
The existence of increasingly sophisticated technology such as the presence of the internet, makes everyone have a great opportunity to make a lot of money more easily. One option to earn money through the internet is to build a website.

Through this site or website, we can write or fill it with various interesting content in order to attract internet visitors. We can also monetize blogs through Google AdSense, affiliates, endorsements and so on.

If you are currently starting to pioneer to build your own website, then there is one thing that also needs to be considered to get a lot of traffic is to choose the right domain name for your blog or business website.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Domain Name

The domain name will be one of the supports in showing the professional side of the business website that you build. Domain names can also be used as brand identity (business identity) and brand awareness to attract more visitors to the website.

So simply, this domain name will later be used as your business brand identity and also as a sign of your professionalism.

Explanation What is a Domain?

Domain is a unique and authentic name that is usually inserted before the .COM, .ID, or other extensions so that internet visitors can more easily identify the IP address of each website on the internet.

Please also note that domains and subdomains have differences. The most striking difference between the two lies in their relationship to one another. Domains can stand alone without subdomains. But subdomains cannot stand alone.

Domains are also often referred to as the primary URL for site addresses on the internet. Usually, domains are written starting with “www” and ending with “.COM”, “.NET”, “.ID”, or other extensions. For now, the domain extension that is most in demand by website owners in various countries is .COM.

Using the right business domain name is very beneficial for the sustainability of your business. Because actually the domain name also serves to make it easier for internet users to access various sites without having to memorize the IP addresses of each site registered on the internet one by one.

Another benefit of domains is that they can also be used to direct visitors to social media pages. To be able to do this, then you can use "Domain Forwarding".

Here are some examples of business domain names that are popular in the world, namely Netflix.com, Twitter.com, Kaskus.co.id, to Facebook.com. Another example is the domain name "Elektrik". If you want to read articles about blogs and the world of technology, then there is no need to enter random letters of the IP address (eg, instead you only need to write the domain name, namely www.elektrik.id

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