5 Easy Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows 10 Laptops

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5 Easy Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows 10 Laptops (Photo: istockphoto.com)
Like on a cellphone, you can also save your screen display if there is important information to know. The method can also be done on a laptop with the Windows 10 operating system.

For example, during an online meeting, there are meeting materials that are important enough for you to re-learn. Taking screenshots of the material is much more practical than taking notes or taking photos directly.

In addition, the screenshot method on a laptop can also be done if you find interesting information from the site so you don't have to open it again.

How to take a screenshot on a Windows 10 laptop

Quoting from glints, here's how to take screenshots on a Windows 10 laptop easily.

1. Pressing the Print Screen Button

The first way is to simply press the Print Screen (PrtScn) button. By pressing this button, the entire screen display is automatically captured and entered into the clipboard of your laptop.

Keep in mind that some laptops still need to use the Fn key to perform the function. So the results are not directly stored in the library. Then you still need to take the next step.

The trick, open Microsoft Paint, then right click and select paste. The screenshot will then appear. Then click save in the upper left corner if you want to save it.

2. Pressing Alt + Print Screen

If in the previous trick you captured the entire screen display, this time the screen display that is captured is only the currently active window. You do this by pressing the Alt key + Print Screen.

This method is perfect for taking screenshots for only important things, namely when opening many windows and having a large display. The result will be in the clipboard. To save it, you need to use the steps through Microsoft Paint.

3. Win + Print Screen

How to screenshot on the next Windows 10 laptop is to press the Windows key + Print Screen. Different from the two methods above, this time you can directly save the screenshot in the Screenshot folder on your laptop.

That is, you do not need to open it first through Microsoft Paint. In that folder, you only find the screenshot file with the extension png.

4. Windows + Shift + S

By pressing this Windows + Shift + S key combination, you can capture the view as you wish. After pressing the button, the screen will become darker and your cursor will also change to a plus logo.

So just 'click and drag' to capture the screen display according to the area you want. The screenshot will be saved in the clipboard, which you can open by following a few steps through Microsoft Paint.

5. Snipping Tool

If you find a more practical way without having to remember a lot of key combinations, then this is the way you should do it. Because there is already a Snipping Tool application, which is a default Windows application.

With this snipping tool application, you can capture the screen display according to the area you want. And the results of the screenshot can still be cropped if it is still not appropriate.

Thus 5 simple ways to screenshot on a Windows 10 laptop that we can share. Hope it is useful..

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