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How to Leave the WHATSAPP Group Without being Noticed

Many notifications from WA (WhatsApp) groups that are followed can sometimes make users feel disturbed and uncomfortable. So don't worry, it turns out that there is an easy way to get out of WA groups without being noticed by other members.

WA or WhatsApp is an application for chatting that is widely used by mobile phone users. This WhatsApp application provides many conveniences for its users to be able to communicate with other people.

How to leave a WA group without a trace

Following below, there are several ways to leave a WA group without a trace so that it is not known by others.

1. Clear Data

How to leave a WhatsApp group on iPhone or Android makes no difference. WhatsApp users can do this by deleting all data on WhatsApp.

To delete data in the WhatsApp application is quite easy, please open the "settings" menu then please select "application manager" then search for the Whatsapp application, and then finally select "delete".

But of course there is a weakness in how to leave the WA group without this trace, namely that the user cannot then use the same mobile number on WA in the future. This means that he has to re-register his number to WhatsApp.

2. Change Number

Changing the cell phone number also turned out to be a mainstay for how to get out of the WA group without being noticed by the admin and other members. Users only need to prepare a new number for the cellphone and then do the registration steps such as the first time registering on WhatsApp.

However, before changing this number, please make sure that the user has backed up the previous data first. The way to back up WA data is by going to the "settings" menu, then selecting "chat" and then please select "back up chat".

3. Change Temporary Number

And the way to get out of the last WA group is to change the number temporarily. Users only need to set up a new number to be temporarily registered on WhatsApp.

Then please change the number on WhatsApp in the "settings" menu, then please select "account", and select "change number". Then please follow the next command and after successfully changing the number, the number registered in the WhatsApp group is the new number.

After that, the user can then delete the data, and then re-register the old number to WA. But it must be remembered, give a time lag for changing numbers for approximately 15 minutes.

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