How to Overcome Adsense Ad Restrictions

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Not a few have experienced this Adsense ad restriction. All must have experienced and many people are looking for a way to fix Adsense ad restrictions.

Causes of Adsense ad restrictions and their solutions.

1. No or few visitors.

In this case it could happen in our article. And the article has no activity at all and causes Adsense ads to not appear.

Solutions and Repairs:
Please optimize the article by adding keywords related to the article, or you can add keywords with keyword research.

2. Repeatedly view the website itself.

Surely you've seen your website many times right? Same with me, don't do it too often it will interfere with the performance of the ad itself.

Solutions and Repairs:
You should stop opening your own website. 1 or 2 times is fine, as long as it's not multiple times.

3. Few Organic Visitors.

Therefore, our website becomes empty of visitors, this can affect the ad impressions on the website.

Solutions and Repairs:
Please optimize your website with SEO.

4. Improper Placement of Adsense Ad Units.

There are also cases like this due to the wrong placement of Adsense ads on the website.

Solutions and Repairs:
Please place the Ad Units correctly or you can also use the Automatic ads that have been provided by Adsense.

5. High RTK

Unstable impressions and ad clicks, even more ad clicks. This can lead to ad restrictions.

Solutions and Repairs:
Look for the right ad placement on the website. RTK is safe around 2% to 8% can also be more than 30%. depending on placement.

How to Fix Restricted AdSense Ad Serving Version 2

  • Connect AdSense Account with Google Analytics
  • Provide only 1 Ad Unit when Adsense ad serving is limited.
  • Block Traffic Bad traffic.
  • Pay attention to the spacing of your ads.
  • Don't let ads be misinterpreted as content.

That's it for the limitations of this article.

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