5 Best Ways to Edit Videos to be Copyright-Free

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How to Edit Videos so that they are not subject to Copyright and Copyright – The rapid development of the digital world makes people compete to create video content. Whether it's through Youtube or other media.

Indeed, when making videos, creativity is needed so that the video content we make is watched by many people and most importantly our videos are copyright free.

5 Ways to Edit Videos to Avoid Copyright and Copyrights

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The ways to edit videos so that they are not subject to copyright and copyright are as follows.

1.Compile Videos As Creative As Possible

If you have run out of ideas for creating video content, you can create a collection of video clips or video compilations creatively. This means that you don't just take other people's videos, but compile videos creatively.

Well, by compiling videos, you are most likely not subject to copyright. That's because you only take a snippet of the video. However, you need to remember that even if you take a video clip, it would be nice if you still include the video source in the video compilation that you make. This can be used as a post credit to the original video owner.

2. Use a Video Using a Creative Commons License

Of course, if you take other people's videos without permission or video source links, chances are you will still be subject to copyright and copyright infringement. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a video that has a creative commons license.

The tips for finding videos that have a creative commons license are as follows.
  • Visit Youtube.
  • Type keywords in the Youtube search menu, then press enter.
  • If a video that has a creative commons license appears, click Filters and select Creative Commons.
  • Download the video you have selected. 
  • Do editing as creatively as possible to make it interesting. Then compile it.
Follow these tips so that the compilation videos you make are not subject to copyright and copyright.

3. Change the Resolution and Add New Effects to the Video

One way of editing videos so that they are not subject to copyright and copyright is to change the original video resolution. For example: the original video is 720p, you change it to 360p.

As for changing the video resolution, you can use software to reduce the video, such as Hanbrake.

After you change the resolution, so that the video is not exactly the same as the original video, you can add effects. The effects in question, such as: adding frames to the video or adding other effects. Well, to add effects to videos, you can take advantage of the available software.

4. Change Audio Sound and Add Music Copyright Free

Another way to edit videos from the original video is to edit music to escape copyright and add copyright-free music.

As for changing the audio of this video, you can use special software, such as: Adobe Audition or Audacity. Change the audio as creatively as possible to attract the audience.

In addition, you can also add copyright-free music. Well, to add this copyright-free music, you don't have to worry. Because Youtube has provided copyright-free audio content. The trick is to find it in the Youtube audio library. Once you've selected the right music or audio for your compilation video, add that music to the video.

5. Add Intro and Outro to Video

One more thing to do so that your compilation video editing is not copyrighted is to add an intro and outro video. Of course, after your series of editing, you want to have a video that is completely different from the original video.

Therefore, it is recommended to add intro and outro to the video. About adding this intro and outro, you can use the software and audio templates available. You can download it on google play.

Well, the above are 5 ways to edit videos so that your video content is not subject to copyright and copyright. You need to know, do editing as creatively as possible so that you get a compilation video of your own creation, not just videos that take other people's work. Good luck.

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